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tv   President Trump Tours Floridas Lake Okeechobee Herbert Hoover Dike  CSPAN  March 30, 2019 5:09am-5:24am EDT

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and on freedom fighters and hell raisers. charles marsh with can i get a witness. shout. and jason reynolds with his book "long way down." that is today at 1:00 p.m. eastern on book tv on c-span2. president trump visited florida's lake okeechobee and whichrbert hoover dike, surrounds the lake north of his mar-a-lago resort. the president of florida lawmakers spoke to reporters about funding and discussed immigration, mexico, and health care. this is about 15 minutes. about 5 minutes.
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pres. trump: we have had a tremendous success here. come on over. we have had a tremendous construction success. in florida. okeechobee, -- lake which i have known for a long time, and incredible lake but it has had a lot of problems. i want to introduce some of the people here. governor desantis. thank you for being here. you have done a fantastic job. you took over from a governor who you know, rick scott, who has been bothering me about getting this done for a long time and no sinner does he go -- no sooner does he go to the senate that governor desantis
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starts bothering me and i want to thank the army corps of engineers who have been fantastic. we need a wall also on the border. you know that, right? i am looking at these walls and say do not forget our southern border. i want to thank senator marco rubio who has been very involved in this. thank you. he has been very involved. diaz-balart.ario fantastic job, my friend. brian mast, congressman, fantastic job. we are proud of you. francis rooney. where are you? what a job. >> thank you, mr. president. pres. trump: and a young, new congressman who has been doing well, greg stover. i want to thank everybody for being here.
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something is very important, important in terms of safety, our secretary, david bernhardt, is with us and has been doing something very special for interior. everybody respects him and likes him. i hope you can help him get his approvals. he will be hopefully permanent soon. i hear he is doing very well and it might be appropriate if i start with the governor. everybody can say a few words about what we are doing, what we are doing is very important, it was dangerous and was a big project but a great project for florida and florida is a state that -- a phenomenal state, a very important project and if could ask the governor to start and we will go around the one. governor presents us -- governor desantis: we appreciate
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everything, if you look at what we need to do, and we have okeechobee which goes all the way down to florida bay, the everglades, the estuaries, this an important part of the reservoir. at the state level, governor scott got it online and we will push for it to get it done and we will try to get the additional federal government to raise the trail, and our state legislature is answering my call for historic support for water resources and water quality. i think it is great we have so many local officials, state government, and the federal government who are singing the same tune. mr. president, thank you for helping us out. pres. trump: thank you, i have to say, it has been the credit of all of us together, this project was dying until we got involved. 1928, over 5000 people died
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here, everything broke and they had a problem. problem thatd a turned out to be a catastrophe. we are making it stronger than it would have ever been and it is in great shape. sen. rubio: we want to thank you, the most important issue in florida and the algae blooms, destroying property values and threatening communities. people cannot go in the water for three or four months per year. this is related to that and your administration has helped, you use disaster relief money which meant it is freed up for the rest of the everglades. you have a chance to go down as the everglades president. proud to be a part of that. pres. trump: a chance to go down as many things. [laughter] pres. trump: but the everglades is very important. the money to fix
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the dike. irma, we thought she would come across this lake. we would have had a lot of problems south of the lake. mayor, locals here, the it is a big issue. we started bugging the president when he got elected that we need to get it fixed and he came through, he worked with congress and we got the money to be done by 2022 and if it -- it would not have happened if president trump did not take charge, he went to congress to make sure we got the money and everybody involved federally has done a great job to make sure we have the money. there is more work to do any president will continue to be exporter. -- a supporter. pres. trump: absolutely. >> the one thing that resonates, mr. president, as an important issue, this is an incredible
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partnership with the state and federal government. everybody is doing their fresher. if you are a recreational person, like the outdoors, this is a critical component long-term. pres. trump: you are doing great, thank you. congressman? >> i want to thank you for your commitment to florida and the water is the lifeblood to florida and the agriculture and tourism industry. pres. trump: it is my honor. >> this is florida's kidneys and we only have one and we cannot sacrifice it and it means a great deal that you took the time to be here and fund the projects, it means a lot to the entire state. pres. trump: thank you, great job. >> i want to thank you, mr. president, for this and other things, when a businessperson gets involved with governments good things happen and we are doing in three years because of
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you something we had not done in 13 years. ,res. trump: in a lot of ways and a lot of other locations also. thank you very much. >> mr. president, you have the but itere and officials, does not happen without your leadership. it does not happen without you stepping forward saying this is important and putting your efforts, your leadership, and all of us are here working together to thank you because it would not have happened, you have done more for the environment for lake okeechobee and for everglades restoration in your two years than we have seen in decades, thank you. pres. trump: thank you. ,his fight that, i said general how are we doing on the southern border? here he is, anyway. >> i share with the president it
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took us 13 years with the funding we had to get this project to the halfway point and with his leadership and the elected leadership from the state of florida, it will only take us three years to dennis the remaining 50%. -- to get the remaining 50%. pres. trump: thank you very much. >> would you close the border with trade? pres. trump: mexico is making a fortune with the united states and they have a trade surplus of far biggerillion, than anybody understand and have had it for many years. they have the strongest immigration laws anywhere in the world and we had the weakest and most pathetic laws. mexico, has to act and they make so much money from the united states as so many other things, so many other assets, they have to grab it and stop it.
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fromve two caravans coming water mullah -- guatemala going to mexico, they could stop them but they choose not to, if they do not stop them then we are closing the border. we will keep it close for a long time, i am not playing games, mexico has to stop it. they had people coming to mexico , it is a long and dangerous journey, mexico sends buses and at one they started point a little bit stopping it but they do not do anything to stop it now. i have stopped payments to guatemala, and/or us, el salvador -- honduras, el salvador, $500 million, we are giving them tremendous aid, we stop payment to honduras, guatemala, and el salvador. we were paying them tremendous
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amounts of money and we are not paying them anymore because they have not done a thing for us. they set up these caravans and in many cases they put their worst people in their caravan, they will not put the best people, they get rid of their problems and they come into the country, we are not letting them in our country. our border patrol, the job they have done is incredible and the job ice is doing is incredible and we have run out of space, we cannot hold people and mexico can stop it so easily. land, welcome to the united states. it is ridiculous. congress has to fix our broken immigration laws. people pull into this country, we stop that because border patrol is so incredible but there is a point you cannot stop them anymore as we have no detention space.
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guatemala, hundred or us, -- honduras, el salvador, they have done nothing and mexico has done nothing. the new president of columbia, a good guy, he said how he will stop drugs, more drugs out of columbia than before he was president. are you willing to work for democrats? >> thank you, press, right up the hill. thank you. right of the hill. thank you. up the hill. thank you, press. hill.up the >> what about more money for the everglades? >> how much? pres. trump: more than you would
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ever believe. >> health care funding? >> thank you. pres. trump: we will have a plan so much better than obamacare. a plan so much better than obamacare and health care is going very well. we can always take care of pre-existing conditions. pre-existing conditions but obamacare is too costly for people, they cannot afford it and the deductibles which averaged more than $7,000, meaning, unless somebody has really big problems, you cannot even use it. obamacare is a disaster, it is losing in court now and in the texas court, it probably goes to the supreme court but we are doing something that is going to be much less expensive than obamacare for the people. i am not saying government, for the people.
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we will have pre-existing conditions and a much lower deductible. i have been saying it. republicans will be the party of health care. thank you very much. >> thank you, press, right to the van. >> president trump officially announced that linda mcmahon was stepping down as head of the small business administration and then took questions from reporters. this is about 15 minutes. pres. trump: thank you very much. linda mcmahon has done an incredible job as the head of the small business administration, she has been a superstar. the fact is that, i have known her for a long time, i knew she was good that did not know she was that good. she has been one of our all-time favorites, just so smooth and helped so many


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